How To Wash Your Beard - Your Questions Answered!

Washing Your Beard...

Many bearded gents are now coming round to the idea that to maintain their beard in peak condition, they need to put in some time and effort. After all, if you’re putting in the time required to grow a great mane then you want to make sure it looks and feels awesome! We’ve previously highlighted the difference between beard oil and balms, and the reasons why using them is important, in our blog post here. Using these conditioning products is an important step in keeping your beard in great nick. However, there is much more to beard care than simply using oils and balms on a regular basis.

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In this post we will be exploring how and why you should wash your beard, as well as just what products you should be using to do so. If you’re in the early stages of growing a beard, or have only just discovered the benefits of using beard care products, then read on for some beard wash tips!

Why Should You Wash Your Beard?

I expect most of you reading this wouldn’t dream of going long without a shower. Just as you wash the rest of your body, you should also be washing your beard. Your beard is just as likely to collect dust, dirt, dried skin, food and bits of fluff as the rest of your body. It doesn’t matter whether you’re growing a beard to attract the ladies or simply for your own sake, it is much more attractive and appealing if it is kept well maintained. Regular washing of your beard will ensure that it is kept clean and hygienic at all times. In addition, keeping your beard clean will help to combat beardruff (the beard version of dandruff!) and prevent itching - which is especially common in the early stages of growing your beard.

What Should I Use To Wash My Beard?

It’s probably not news to you that you should be washing your beard. Common sense and general hygiene dictates that you should be keeping yourself and your beard clean. However, what many new beardsmen are in the dark about is exactly what they should be using to wash their beard. We’ve all been there. In the early days, many of us might just rinse our beard with warm water. We might use a standard block of soap, or a handful of shampoo left over from washing our hair.

The problem with using standard soap or shampoos is that they aren’t really up to the job. Standard shampoo is generally more acidic than is good for your facial hair. In addition, shampoos that are manufactured for use on your head hair runs the risk of removing the natural oils (sebum) from your face. This leads to a dry face and beard, increasing the chance of beardruff and itching. It can also mean more split ends. All this lends itself to a less than healthy appearance for your beard. So what’s the solution?

Specialist Beard Shampoo and Soaps

Specialist beard shampoos and soap blocks are specifically designed to balance the pH of your beard and generally contain more natural ingredients that build up the oils in rather than strip them out. We strongly advise the use of specialist beard soaps in either liquid or block form as this will maintain the appearance and health of your beard a lot better than standard hair shampoos. Check out our range of beard soaps and washes.

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How Should I Wash My Beard?

How you use your beard shampoos will depend on whether you are using a liquid wash or a solid soap block. For solid blocks of beard soaps, wet your beard and gently rub the bar across your beard. Then rub through your beard with damp hands to create a lather. Ensure your entire beard and face are well covered and then rinse out and dry your beard with a towel. If using a liquid beard shampoo then apply to a wet beard, rubbing through to create a lather before rinsing out.

How Often Should I Wash My Beard?

This question has a great many answers and there is no one ‘right’ answer as it will largely differ from person to person. If your work or daily life leads to your beard getting more dirty or accumulating more dust then you may choose to wash your beard more regularly. Generally speaking, washing your beard twice a week is probably enough for most people. However, we would advise that you see what works best for you.

Then What?

However often you wash your beard the important thing is that you follow up by conditioning it properly. This means applying your beard care products, whether oils or balms, after washing your beard. This ensures that any natural oils that have been washed out are boosted and will leave your beard clean and refreshed. Say goodbye to dry, itchy skin, beardruff and split ends! Check out our beard oils and balms.

Follow these tips, and soon your beard will be getting this much love!

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