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Beard Brush UK

There is no better way to care for and keep your beard hair in check than with a quality beard brush or beard comb and they should be considered a beard care essential. You should use either a brush or comb as an important part of your beard grooming routine.

Beard Brush Or Beard Comb?

So which would we recommend; a brush or comb? Well you can use either one. Generally speaking, we would suggest that a brush is better for the distribution of beard oils and so our advice would be to use a brush after applying natural oils to your facial hair. Boar bristles are strong enough to massage your skin and help remove dead skin to keep your pores clear and prevent itching. Combs are mainly better for keeping your beard neat and in place. They are great for use with a firm beard balm or wax. Beard combs are also better for use when out and about as they are more practical to carry than a brush.

Men’s Beard Brushes

Natural boar bristles are often considered to be the best available option for a brush. These bristles are so effective because they are gentle and soft enough to not damage hair, distribute oil well and are firm enough to tame your hair. We believe that a good beard brush should be a part of every bearded man’s regular routine and should be used immediately after applying beard oil. You can find brushes in a range of different styles and shapes. We stock everything from a small beard brush through to a monster beard brush

Beard Comb UK

Combs come in a wide range of sizes, styles and materials. Our Kent Folding Combs are made from an acetate sheet, designed to prevent snagging and pulling. However, wooden combs are also very popular and include sandalwood and pear wood combs. All of our high quality combs are great for keeping your hair well groomed and healthy, whilst also helping to prevent beard itch. If your hair is a little wild then you may find that you need to carry a comb with you most of the time to keep your hair in order and looking fine.

Beard Buys

Let us help you make sure that you find the perfect products to get the very best beard that you can. From a boar hair brush, to a real wood comb.