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Why Use Beard Balms?

Are you after a beard balm from a reputable UK supplier? Don’t know the best place to look for and order your beard products? Here at Beard Buys, we can help. There are a number of reasons that we would suggest a beard balm. However, there are a lot of bearded men that have not used product in their facial hair. Many men have suffered for months with itchy, irritated beards when they did not need to. Even more might have stopped growing the beard that they want for these exact reasons. Growing a beard is not always easy on your skin and for some, the challenge of turning stubble into a full grown beard is a painful and raw experience. What you may not know is that it does not have to be like that. We can help. Beard balms and other beard care items are the answer. The products that we stock are made from natural ingredients that are great for both your beard and your skin. Beard balms contain a blend of natural and essential oils. These are combined with soothing butters and waxes like shea butter and beeswax. Together, these ingredients provide much needed nutrients for your beard, as well as moisturising qualities that keep your beard and skin in tip top condition. Our beard balm products come from a number of independent UK suppliers who create balms of the absolute utmost quality using the finest ingredients. The sizes vary as do the range of fragrances from citrus to cedarwood and more. A number of the balms we sell also offer a gently hold which can help to tame your hair. Though try out a beard wax for a stronger hold and the ability to style. We also stock a wide range of beard oils to go with your balms, from brands based here in the United Kingdom. Great grooming products will make your mane look incredible.

How Do You Apply Beard Balms?

Beard balm is really easy to apply. Use your fingernail to scrap out a small amount from the tin. The amount will vary based on the specific make up of the balm and the length of your beard. However, you will soon learn how much to apply - and it is best to start with less and use more if needed, rather than use too much. We would recommend starting with an amount about the size of a pea. Place the balm in the palm of your hand and rub your hands together until it melts and coats your hands. Then run your hands through your facial hair and to the skin of your face. Massage the beard balm in thoroughly and ensure a good coverage. Use a beard brush to spread evenly throughout.

Find the Best Beard Balm at Beard Buys

We are the perfect site if you are looking for high quality beard products and the very best beard balms. We work with a number of top UK suppliers to bring you a greater choice of products that you may find elsewhere. Looking for a different UK beard balm to your usual? Like to purchase beard products from a number of different brands without paying two lots of postage? We are here to help. Our independent and artisan brands make high quality balms and beard oil right here in the United Kingdom and we spend our time trying and testing the best brands to ensure that we are offering you the best products at the right prices. Bases for these products include shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, argan oil and a wide range of other healthy, natural oils, waxes and balms. Condition, nourish and moisturise your beard whilst also taking care of your pocket! We also offer free shipping for any UK order over £20!