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Why Use Beard Oil?

Looking for beard oil in the UK? Unsure where to find the best products? We are here to help. What are the reasons that we recommend oiling your beard? Well there are many bearded gents out there who have never used beard care products. Lots of them have fought through months of itching, irritation and beardruff to grow a spectacular beard. Many men are put off growing a beard for these same reasons even though it could well be an image they would like. Having a beard can irritate the skin on your face and getting past the stubble phase is just not possible for some due to the struggle with itchiness. However, it does not have to be that way - we've got you covered. It is for this reason that the application of beard oil and other beard grooming products are so useful. The helpful blend of natural ingredients and scented essential oils in these products play an important role in keeping your beard looking, smelling and feeling healthy. Beard oils keep your mane conditioned, nourished and provide much needed moisture. This helps to hydrate your hair and skin when applied. Beard oils have a number of benefits once worked into your mane. They are specifically designed and formulated to help reduce beadruff, cleanse your face, prevent itching and promote a healthy beard and skin. Generally they are blended from natural and organic ingredients including essential oils and other natural oils. This means they are packed full of nutrients. The bottle size available varies and we currently stock 10ml and 30ml oils from a number of different brands. The range of fragrances is quite broad with everything from orange and other citrus scents to alluring aromas of pine, juniper and black pepper.

How Do You Apply Beard Oil?

This part is simple. Most beard oils come in a bottle with a dropper of some sort. Use the dropper to place a few drops of oil into the palms of your hands (for men with longer beards, simply use more oil). Rub your hands together to coat them with oil and then run your fingers through your beard.

Other Beard Products

There any many different types of beard care products, of which beard oil is only one. Everything from soothing balms to strong hold waxes now exist for men to manage their beards. If you're looking for a combination of beard oil and balms, then take a look at our beard gift sets.

Beard Oil at Beard Buys

Looking for beard oil? This is just the place! At Beard Buys we stock a wide range of the best beard oils from top UK brands. That means you have a wide choice of products available to purchase from just one website. Want to try a different UK beard oil? Want to purchase a beard oil from one brand with a beard balm from another? Don’t want to pay postage costs twice? That’s what we’re all about. Providing a wide choice of products from leading independent and artisan producers all in one place. We offer reasonably priced products with free shipping on orders over £20 and friendly customer service. Our easy to use website makes ordering your favourite beard products simple. We don't manufacture our own beard products so you can rest assured we spend our time sourcing and stocking the finest brands that we can possibly find. Many of these brands are UK based. Beard oil provides oils that both replicate and enhance the natural oils that your skin produces. The base generally contains jojoba, argan and/or various nut and seed oils. These natural oils are often accompanied with a blend of essential or fragrance oils. This means that there is a wide range of scents and fragrances available. The oils that we sell are non-greasy. They work to condition your face and skin. The oil blends contains vitamins and other ingredients that provide nourishment for your beard and the pores of your skin. This combination means that your skin and beard are refreshed, rejuvenated and moisturised. Beard oils reduce the risk of beardruff and split ends, leaving your beard looking and feeling more healthy.