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Beard Styling & Moustache Wax

Tame your beard and keep it locked into place all day with beard styling wax. This is undoubtedly the ideal solution if your mane is wispy and has a tendency to wander. A small scoop of beard wax will soon set you straight and have you looking tip top. 

Beard balm can offer a very light hold and will moisturise and nourish your beard. However, beard wax is the perfect product for a stronger hold to keep a beard under complete control. Wax also has the strength to hold your beard or moustache in a particular style.

To apply beard or moustache wax just take a small amount from the tin and warm between your fingers. Then rub into your beard and shape using your hands until you have the look that you're after. 

Take complete control of your beard with a choice of beard styling wax from our UK store. We are offering free shipping on orders over £20.