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About Bedfordshire Beard Co.

Bedfordshire Beard Company

Founded in 2014, the Bedfordshire Beard Co is an independent and artisan family company. Their process involves hand crafting their products in small batches to maintain the quality of the beard care items that they produce. Tom and fiancé Caitlin who run Bedfordshire Beard Co highlight the importance that they place on the ingredients they use. They are careful to only select ingredients of the finest quality to lovingly create their products.

Bedfordshire Beard Co developed when Tom failed to find an independent company producing high quality beard care items. His response was to make his own. Initially only intended for his own use, he soon started getting requests from friends and eventually decided to turn his hand to retailing his products on a wider scale. Bedfordshire Beard Co now has a range of varied scents, from the deliciously tropical ‘Mango’ beard oil and balms to the ‘Tobacconist’ - a subtle, masculine blend of tobacco and vanilla.

The company has created a wide range of products to cover all your beard care needs. Classic beard oils and balms will keep your beard in tip top condition, whilst moustache wax will keep it neatly shaped. They also supply beard wash in a range of scents to ensure your beard is kept clean and refreshed. Bedfordshire Beard Co truly is a company that is all about caring for true beardsmen and are there to suit a bearded lifestyle. Check out the range of products that we stock from this fantastic company, and we are sure you will not be disappointed.