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Big Red Beard Combs UK

Big Red Beard Combs UK

Big Red Beard Combs are a small, independent company based in British Columbia in Canada. They are one of the only brands we stock that are not UK based, and that is because we simply love their combs! If you are looking for a quality comb that is also a statement piece and a talking point then look no further than Big Red Beard Combs.

Big Red Beard Combs were formed when Big Red himself, Rick Heatley, nicknamed after his rather large ginger beard started to make combs. Tired of the usual plastic combs that create static and lack any kind of character or warmth, he wanted to make something different. Coming from a background as a craftsman as a high end furniture maker, he truly understands working with wood.

Big Red’s many years of experience has served him well and he set to work to create a wooden beard comb that would be both lightweight yet strong. Several iterations later and Big Red Beard Combs are just that. The wooden material prevents the static that you get from plastic combs. The design of the combs is simple. They are small in size, yet large enough to do the job perfectly. There are different styles and sizes that will suit different beard types and sizes.

The design means that some of these combs are absolutely ideal for use as pocket or travel combs. Others are great for use in the car, office or wherever else you need to be looking your best. In our opinion, these are definitely some of the best looking and most beautiful beard combs on the market today - which is exactly the reason why we stock Big Red Beard Combs in the UK.