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Kent beard brushes & combs

Established as a company in 1777, Kent are true experts in haircare. They have been making hairbrushes for over 240 years, meaning Kent know a thing or two about how to tame hair. Not only that, but they boast the title of the oldest hairbrush manufacturer in the world. Still a family business to this day, Kent Brushes are renowned for their high quality.

Kent brushes are a truly British brand that prides itself on its history and heritage. Not only have they been proudly producing superior hair care products for centuries but they have also held a Royal Warrant for the past nine reigns. Kent products are manufactured using a process that has been perfected over many years, and which is carried out by skilled craftsmen. The company uses the best materials to create truly innovative hair care products of consistently high quality.

Kent manufacture a wide array of products across all manner of hair care, making them true experts in their field. This is the reason that we look to them for fantastic beard care products. It also means that they have products that are perfect for any type of beard, thick or thin, long or short. We stock a number of Kent beard brushes including the popular Monster Beard Brush. Their brushes that are crafted from natural woods and use natural bristles for a brush that is both gentle yet effective in detangling your facial hair. We also supply a number of Kent combs. Kent beard combs are hand sawn from large sheets of acetate which makes them more gentle and less likely to snag than moulded combs. They have rounded teeth for a smoother, more comfortable action. The folding combs in the range are perfect for use on the go or to keep your beard looking great when out and about. A number of the beard brushes come with a handy canvas bag which makes them ideal as a travel companion and they are just perfect for evenly distributing beard oils.

We’re delighted to be a stockist of Kent combs and beard brushes. Along with all the other items we stock, any purchase over £20 qualifies for free delivery. Items under £20 can be shipped for as little as £1.99.