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Big Red No.9 Beard Comb - Tattoo
Big Red No.9 Beard Comb - Tattoo
Big Red No.9 Beard Comb - Tattoo

Big Red No.9 Beard Comb - Tattoo

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Although not as long as the No.7 comb, the No.9 doesn’t have a handle, so the teeth have a greater area than on the No.7. This No.9 beard comb has increased spacing between teeth and is generally better for thicker beards than the No.5 or No.7. Once you get to a medium to long beard, the No.9 is a great choice of comb. The longer, thicker teeth will glide easily through your beard, and detangle it in no time at all. The No.9 is a great comb for on the go and for tidying up your beard when you are out and about. One side of this comb says ‘Big Red No.9’, whilst the other is engraved with a selection of classic tattoos, inspired by Sailor Jerry on the engraved design .

As with other designs of Big Red Beard Combs, the No.9 is constructed using laminated technology for greater toughness. This comb has a total of 5 laminated layers which are precisely designed to provide extra strength and durability. The two inner layers run perpendicular to the outer layers to improve the rigidity and make sure that the comb will stand the test of time.

This comb is 9.5cm long and 3.9cm wide. It comes packaged inside a recyclable protective wooden case with a pinned paper cover, which is great for keeping your comb in.

This No.9 comb is crafted with a Eastern Maple inner layers and a Makore outer layer.

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